How did a nurse become an Amazon Top Seller?

Whether you like mystery, romance or medical thrillers, Diane Lynn's first novel has it all. Her success surprised the new author when it became an Amazon top seller within months in the psychological mystery and romance categories. Canta Bello Publishing has released the revised paperback version of The Secondary Target while fans await the coming sequel. Find out how Lynn, a former nurse and real estate agent, puts all the chapters of her life together in the emotional telling of a gripping story.

"The Secondary Target delights the erotic palate while at the same time offering a mystery that engages the mind. These ingredients, supplemented by a host of captivating characters, provide a glimpse into the modern world of millennials, where getting ahead means probing the limits of morality, sometimes with deadly consequences.”         —Lawrence A. Beer, JD, international attorney, professor, and author

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